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IMEI: 8609450469XXXXX
Description Full: HUAWEI P30 Pro 8GB+128GB Aurora Dual Card EE Ver. UK CHG
Model Code: VOGUE-L29C
S/N: 22X7N196190228XX
Item Code: 51093SNH
Customer Code: CIS100595
Offer Code: OFFE00087514
Company: Everything Everywhere Limited
Country Code: GB
Country Name: United Kingdom
Warranty Status: In Warranty
Warranty Start: 2019/9/27
Warranty Expire: 2021/9/28
Warranty Details:
Warranty Type: 28 Day Device Return
Valid in Country: GB
Service Code: BS01000012
Start Date: 2019/9/27
End Date: 2019/10/25
Bind Date: 2019/10/1
Order Date: 2019/6/19
Shipment Date: 2019/9/5
Delivery Date: 2019/9/11
Activation Date: 2019/9/27

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